Hvar is a town of many colors and shapes. Situated on the island of Hvar, center of Adriatic Sea where the cultures meet. Located in the country called Croatia, known for it’s natural beauty and diversities. It is no wander island of Hvar found its recognition in tourism..

     Combination of beauty, climate, cultural in heritage, atmosphere and charisma makes this island destination highlighted in the memory of its visitors. The proof for that is the choice of Hvar as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. as selected by reputable American tourism magazine “Traveler” along side with Zanzibar, Mykonos, Anguilla (Caribbean), Bali, Ponza, Kauai (Hawaii), Capri, Bora-Bora and Upolu (Samoa).

     Beauty of Hvar is both, natural and urban. Clear blue see, pine woods, beautiful unspoiled bays and small islands gives the feeling of timelessness. Like the world of ancient Greeks captured in time. Across the island there are many colorful villages and towns of which town of Hvar stands out as center with its medieval Venetian architecture.

     Today's tourism in Hvar carries 135 years of tradition. Because of mild climate and clean healing air, origination of tourism was for health purposes. 1868 Hvar hygienic society placed Hvar high on list of destinations for in those days popular health tourism. Winter temperature usually stay’s between 10 and 15 grand Celsius, sea temperature gives the opportunity to start with water activities in early May and last till late October. What’s more, Hvar is the place with the most sunny hours in Croatia. Mild Mediterranean climate is a strongpoint of this, one of the top destinations on Adriatic.

     As a safe harbor for Venetians Galion’s on their traveling to east and back, Hvar was meeting point of cultural exchange. The rich cultural identity is clear in the old center of town where the Renaissance buildings rise around the biggest town square in the Adriatic, after "San Marco" in Venice. The first thing that catches the eye when you enter the harbor is the main identification symbol of Hvar - the Theatre, build in year 1612. Hvar as a small community had one of the oldest theaters in Europe.